Eastern Theological Seminary was founded in 1991 in Lynchburg, VA, as a non-profit Religious Institution of post secondary education. ETS offers a unique theological education which strives to balance theoretical education knowledge with practical skills in ministry. Eastern Theological Seminary New Jersey Extension began classes in the fall of 2002.

The mission of ETS New Jersey Extension is to prepare women and men, laity and bi-vocational pastors, for innovative ministry and outstanding Kingdom service as a collaborative training partnership with each student’s local church. The primary objectives at ETS are to promote and cultivate excellence in academic scholarship and high quality research, while simultaneously increasing the opportunities for students to become more knowledgeable and skillful in ministry.

Newark National Day Of Prayer

Dr. Bernard Wilks

Founder/Apostolic Overseer

Pastor Irving Johnson  MTh.

Ministry Leader




Dr. Bernard Wilks

Founder/Apostolic Overseer