1. Mission Visualization: Before Nehemiah put together a plan to rebuild the city walls, he first surveyed the damage. Every day we see the consequences of sin; what is needed now in Newark are church leaders who will adopt an action plan that will aim to solve problems.

2. Team Mobilization: After Nehemiah prepared his action plan to rebuild the city walls, he provided the leadership necessary to encourage many in the city to follow his lead and repair these walls. To the church at Newark: We have an action plan are you ready to follow?

3. Enemy Identification: The enemy attempted to stop the good that was being done in the city. Nehemiah recognized the enemy for who he was and was not fooled by the schemes to stop the good work be- ing done. Has the church in Newark allowed the enemy to hinder us so we don't bless the city more than we have already done?

4. Economic Equalization: Many in the city were being taken advantage of financially by greedy businessmen. Nehemiah heard the cries of the people and put a stop to unfair business policies. We are experiencing the same unfair treatment in the city, but no one has yet stepped up like Nehemiah did to put an end to unfair lending policies.

5. Word Saturation: In order to restore the people in the city back to God, his word had to be shared with them. Their disobedience to God was the reason why the city was in ruins. When we stray away from the truth of God, we will eventually suffer the consequences of bad choices.

6. Holy Day Observation: Six days God has given man to work; one day is to be set aside and devoted to God. On this day we can draw nigh to God, so that he can draw nigh to us.

7. Righteous Family Unification: Its been said, Charity starts at home. If there is charity at home, unity will be there also. Righteousness and unity in the family are the building blocks that will build strong neighborhoods, communities, and cities.


Dr. Bernard Wilks

Founder/Apostolic Overseer


Pastor Irving Johnson  MTh.

Ministry Leader